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Smoking is the process of flavoring, cooking, and/or preserving food by exposing it to smoke from burning or smoldering material, most often wood. Meat and fish are the most common smoked foods.

Spare ribs (also side ribs) are a variety of pork ribs. They are cut from the lower portion of the pic specifically the belly and brestbone, behind the shoulder.

There is a good amount of fat which helps make the ribs more tender. Our ribs are full of flavour and using only the best ingredients and are smoked for 6 hour to get the best taste and texture. If you´re ready for meat to fall of the bone your have comet to the right place.


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Our Su BBQ Ribs

Hickory Ribs
This large rack of 12 succulent smoked pork spareribs,
Jack Daniels Ribs ®
Large rack of 12 slow cooked, smoked pork spareribs.
Smoked pork sparerib without sauce
Smoked pork sparerib without sauce. This large rack of 12...
Sweet and Savoury Ribs
A vibrant flavored rack of 12 ribs slow cooked for...