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Home delivery

Who we are

Cooked for you by us with our passion for flavour.

chicken wings on bbqchicken wings on bbq
wings on bbqwings on bbq
sause on ribssause on ribs
satay from subbqsatay from subbq

We have a passion for creating fantastic flavoured BBQ food for our family and friends.

We come from different parts of the globe, so we thought why not combine our traditional spices
to create BBQ flavours unique to us?

With all the positive comments and related yummy noises, that passion turned into a dream.

From all the positive comments and related yummy noises our passion has turned into a dream.

We decided to get together and share our dream and experiences with you – our new friends and family.

We aim to bring you that home cooked touch of BBQ food with flavours from around the word that we believe you will love.